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Flipp'd OUT #0026 - Ghost is Part of the Rock Start System

It's Christmas Eve, and I've for a present for you: my interview with Ghost. A member of the Flipside LLC, who has served as a medic for Flipside, Burning Man, and even out there in the real world, Ghost is creator of those funky spires you might have seen around ISH or at the warehouse for EAST and a general all-around badass. We talk about doing pre and post ops for Burning Man, how Flipside turned him into an artist, the way our community interacts and shares experiences with other communities, and the ways that this whole burner thing serves to empower us. Oh, and we also answer the question: has Burning Man jumped the shark?

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Flipp'd OUT #0025 - Laura Lea's Loving Life

This week is all about art: art and burn events, art and life, even art's relation to art. Fortunately, Laura Lea is up to the task. Herself an artist in a variety of media, Laura Lea has created pieces such as the Greenhouse Project, an installation that's been at Burning Man as well as Art Outside here in Austin. Laura Lea was also one of the curators of Art Outside 2008. She's currently studying at the Chinati foundation, and you can find out more about her work by visiting http://www.lauraleanalle.com/

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Flipp'd OUT #0024 - Winning With Whatamelon

This week I'm brining you a very special interview with Whatamelon. Whatamelon is a vocalist, DJ, former Miss Flipside, one of the primary forces shaping our very successful sound policy in 2008. She was also the head our the sound marshall force that year, and of course is an all-around winner. We discuss sound at Flipside, how attending burn events shapes the art you create in the outside world, and why people always seem to hate on the ravers.

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Flipp'd OUT #0023 - Being Boogie Booth

Flipp'd OUT is back, baby! This week, we interview Treg. He's a heavy-lifting volunteer and part of the team behind the Boogie Booth, the most plush art car in Pyropolis. The Boogie Booth is now making the rounds in the city of Austin for public events like voter registration and First Thursday. Treg tells the tale of how the Boogie Booth came to be, from concept to completion. He also talks about the difficulties and advantages of having an art car at Flipside, and how this whole burn thing has affected his life.

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Flipp'd OUT #0022 - Absolutely Art Garden

In this episode, we listen in on the Art Garden grant awards ceremony that happened in April 1 of this year. Art Garden is a facilitator organization, born out of the local burn community, assists artists with resources, skills, workshops, discussion forums, and events. This year Art Garden put out a call to artists that would be creating art for Flipside, and awarded grants to two such artists to help them in that creation. We'll hear the event where they announce the artists that would receive the awards. You can learn more about Art Garden at their web site.

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Flipp'd OUT #0021 - Barebones Orchestra Go Off the Rails

In this episode I sit down with the Barebones Orchestra, and things get a little weird. A musical collective that began simply as a weekly gathering and has been through numerous iterations, the Barebones Orchestra has a modular rotation with up to 12 members that they use to create rich aural presentations. They'll be playing this year at Flipside and can be found in various gigs around Austin. You can reach their myspace page at http://myspace.com/barebonesorchestra Just be warned that if you decide to interview them, you can only blame yourself.

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Flipp'd OUT #0020 - !Bob's got a list, and he's checking it twice

Flipside tickets are arriving, time to focus on !Bob's list! !Bob's list has become a tradition for Flipside, a place where people who miss the narrow window of ticket sales can post requests for tickets and those with extras tickets can fill those requests. In this episode, I sit down and talk with the man who has made so many people's Flipside experience possible, and we discuss how the list got started, his role as Area Coordinator for communications at Flipside, and how you can still make significant contributions to the community even if you spend a lot of time sitting in front of a computer.

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Flipp'd OUT #0019 - Audrey, The Community Has My Back

In this episode I get to talk to Audrey, the founder of Burlesque For Peace and a burner since 1996. We discuss the difference between Burning Man then and now, the power of burlesque, melding political and artistic inspiration, and the power we have as a community.

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Flipp'd OUT #0018 - Jen's Kingdom of Ice

Recently, I had the pleasure of sitting at the warehouse to talk with Jen, Flipside's Ice Queen. We discussed why we have ice at Flipside, the logistics of running an ice sales area at a burn event, and even a few things not related to frozen water.

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Episode #0017 - Listen to The Lovers

Welcome to Season 2 of Flipp'd OUT. We're back for music, humor, and insight from The Lover, prophet-rock powerhouses and members of the famous Taj Acoustica Camp at Flipside. Credits: Music and images in this episode courtesy of The Lovers. All the bad parts created by Lance Hunter.

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